Chris Jericho and Sin Cara in a fight on a bus to Glasgow


Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer is reporting that Chris Jericho and Sin Cara got into a fight while traveling from Leeds to Glasgow yesterday night.

Meltzer says that Sin Cara was making some kind of annoying noises on the bus and was told repeatedly by many to stop. He did not take the advice of anyone and then Jericho stepped up and “forcefully” told him to stop. This led to Sin Cara telling him to “f**k off” before he threw a right hand. The two then ended up fighting before others on the bus separated the two. Sin Cara was then ejected from the bus for his trouble.

The former tag team title holder will probably be subject to some disciplinary action by WWE although the company has not reacted publicly to the story yet.

The Twitter account for MLW used the hashtag #Y2JKOd to describe the incident and said that, “Hunico remains undefeated as WWE locker room refuses to accept this man as the baddest man on the planet.” Jericho, in reply, said that he hasn’t been knocked out since 1994 and called it “another example of shoddy, uninformed ‘journalism’ from the stupid idiots at @MLW.”