Shawn Hernandez released from Lucha Underground


Lucha Underground today announced that it has released Shawn Hernandez from his contract have parted ways amicably.

As you might remember, Hernandez showed up on TNA’s Impact in June of this year and joined the Beat Down Clan while he was still under a deal with El Ray Network for Lucha Underground. He was involved in several Impact tapings with the BDC however Lucha Underground entered into a legal dispute with TNA preventing them from airing Hernandez on television. After he was released from TNA, the Beat Down Clan angle was slashed from television since the footage was unusable without Hernandez in them. It also led to the departure of MVP from TNA.

This week Lucha Underground announced that is returning for season 2 and will be taping in the next several weeks with kick off of season 2 in early 2016.