Hernandez mix-up with TNA and Lucha Underground effectively kills BDC angle


PWInsider.com is reporting that a situation between them and Lucha Underground involving wrestler Shawn Hernandez has led to TNA dropping the whole Beat Down Clan storyline.

The website reports that Hernandez, who returned at the recent Impact tapings in Orlando is still signed to Lucha Underground, preventing him from appearing on TNA television, a detail which apparently Hernandez failed to mention.

PWInsider adds that TNA tried to sort the situation out with Lucha Underground by offering money however the television company behind the series turned down all offers, leaving TNA with no choice but to scrap the entire storyline.

Hernandez filmed several weeks of television shows with TNA as part of the BDC, none of which now can be used, effectively putting other members of the group off television as well. TNA is now scheduled to film other segments to fill up the void left by the BDC footage ending up in the cutting room.

None of the wrestlers on Lucha Underground can appear on other television shows as they are all under strict contracts. Hernandez last wrestled for TNA in May 2014 and then his contract expired and was not renewed. He spent 10 years with the company before making his return last month.