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Ric Flair says he has reconnected with Arn Anderson following the death of his son


On the latest episode of his podcast, “Nature Boy” Ric Flair said that he recently talked to Arn Anderson following the death of his son.

The former members of the iconic Four Horsemen had a big fallout towards the end of WCW and Flair often said that Arn did not even bother to check on him when he was on his deathbed several years ago and not even when his son Reid passed away years earlier.

But after Arn lost his son Barrett, Flair reached out, saying he knows what Arn is going through as a father.

“It’s a very personal thing with Arn. I know what he’s going through. Kevin Nash knows what he’s going through. Any number of people out there,” Flair said, “All the bullshit that we go through…there are some things in wrestling that are real and hurtful and just never seem to work out right.”

The 16-time world champ said that the two have now reconnected after going their separate ways years before.

“I mean…to have that phenomenal time in the 80s and see it kind of slip away for whatever reason, quite honestly because of promoters, and then to reconnect and have a private moment and exchange texts and everything, it made me cry,” Flair continued. “I was that happy to hear back from him. Not much more I can say about that. I just hope he and I can move forward and do some stuff together.”

Flair’s daughter Charlotte recently also uploaded some photos with Barrett on her social media after he passed away.

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