Madusa and Paige go at it online


WWE Hall of Famer Alundra Blayze, who prefers to go by the name of Madusa, is having a online feud with former two time Divas champion Paige and the two have been going at it for quite a while.

In a message posted on her Instagram over the weekend, Madusa said that she knows what Paige “did” to Nattie and thinks that she “hates” the bond that she and Neidhart have since the night of the Hall of Fame.

“I know you have your eye on the real women’s championship. I still hold this title and I have never been beat,” Madusa told Paige. “Perhaps I’ve been warming up my German Suplex so I can drill your happy ass once and for all into the mat so you can learn a valuable lesson. You’re not fooling anybody with that backwards British accent, untrusting pinky shaking, freaky FAKE laugh saying you’re everyone’s friend again.”

Paige replied on her Twitter, telling Madusa that she’s more than welcome to step through the ropes and used the hashtag #IWontDumpMyChampionshipInTheTrash in reference to Madusa dumping the WWE Women’s title in the trash in an episode of Nitro.

Last month Madusa called the Divas roster over rated and said that half of them can’t wrestle and even mocked Paige for the “pipe bomb” that she did on Raw.