Batista talks potential WWE return and fights with creative


In an interview with Chris Van Vliet of WSVN-TV in Miami, former WWE champion Dave Bautista spoke about what he wants to return to the WWE, clearly not closing down the door for a potential return.

Bautista, who was doing the interview to promote the James Bond Spectre movie, said that he did not enjoy his last WWE run as he wanted to be the heel but the creative team wanted him to be the face, leading to many conflicts backstage over the way his character was going.

He called himself the “worst babyface ever” but he’s a good heel as he knows how to be a heel. He told WWE from the start that he did not want to come in as a babyface but that wasn’t what the company had in their plans.

“I was just constantly butting heads with them creatively, which is something we talked about well beforehand and I was promised things that weren’t delivered to me,” he said, adding that when they tried to shove him down everybody’s throats, the fans “rebelled.”

When asked if he’d go back to WWE on his terms, Bautista said, “Oh yeah. I love WWE and I’ve proven I wouldn’t wrestle anywhere else. I feel like wrestling anywhere else is a step down.”

He said that while he’d love to go back, they’re very hard to deal with and right now his passion is acting. He said if the opportunity comes up and he’s okay with creative, he’ll go.

“I would do this in a heartbeat, without, I don’t want big money, I don’t want a limited schedule, if they would allow me to go back and just do house shows, I’d be all over it,” Bautista said much to the surprise of the interviewer. “You skip all the red tape, you don’t have to deal with creative, writers, all that bullshit. Just go back do your thing and my thing is wrestling.”

You can see the interview below.