Judge issues gag order on parties involved in Jimmy Snuka court case


Judge Kelly L. Banach who is presiding over the Jimmy Snuka court case issued a gag order on all participants from both sides after Chief Deputy District Attorney Charles Gallagher III requested it following statements he called “blasphemous” by Snuka’s defense team last month.

Gallagher also said that he was contacted by the NBC show Dateline to tape something for the case with defense attorney Robert Kirwan acknowledging that the Argentino family is working with the network for an episode.

The Judge said that she would not permit this case to be tried in the press and ordered everyone not to speak publicly about the case outside the courtroom. Proceedings will remain public.

The defense attorney is also pushing for an out-of-county jury due to the media attention the case got according to Sarah Cass of Lehigh Valley Live.

Snuka is suffering from stomach cancer and also from dementia and defense will try and present Snuka as not fit to stand trial. Another hearing is set for December.