Former Tough Enough winner Matt Cappotelli has brain cancer again


Former Tough Enough winner Matt Cappotelli recently underwent another brain surgery because his cancer came back and the results were worse than originally hoped for.

The 37-year-old, who won Tough Enough III along with Johnny Mundo, was diagnosed with a grade 2/3 astrocytoma in December 2005 and two months later announced that he had brain tumor. At the time, Cappotelli was the Ohio Valley Wrestling champion and on the verge of being brought up to the main WWE roster.

He underwent surgery in May 2007 but cancer came back this year. “I have a grade IV GlioBlastoma Multiforme (GBM). This is not the news I was looking forward to hearing or sharing, but it will in no way deter me from continuing my fight,” Cappotelli wrote on his Facebook page.

He will be undergoing spinal tap tomorrow to see if the cancer cells spread to his spinal fluid and then determine the next steps in his treatment. Patients who suffer from this type of cancer are usually estimated that they have a year to live after diagnosis.

Cappotelli left WWE in January 2008 after his contract expired and was not renewed.