Paige defends Alberto El Patron once again, lashes out at eye witness


Paige has once again gone full out defending her fiancee over the airport incident from last weekend in a long post on Twitter, explaining exactly what happened and saying that the eye witness is trying to create a story and get money for it.

The former WWE Divas champion explained how she got a phone call explaining that her uncle was in a bad shape in hospital and started crying. As El Patron was consoling her, the two started “bickering about something so small” and she threatens to leave, only for him to reply with a word that she did not want to write as “it wasn’t nice.” She then admitted throwing beer in his face as she was angry. “Shouldn’t have done it. It was in front of a lot of people,” Paige wrote.

She said that a “crazy lady” decided to leave whatever she was doing to follow them and invade their privacy in a way that “only low life people would do.”

Paige explained that it was her who was being held for battery charges for throwing a drink on him and he never touched her nor did she hit him. “Nothing more. Nothing less. No one got arrested. There’s no mug shots. There’s no charges. Nothing,” she wrote.

Paige then lashed out at the “horrible, disgusting human being” eye witness who decided to make money out of their misfortune. “I wish people would give us the privacy we deserve. I know we won’t get it. But I WISH that would happen.”