Footage of Daivari attacking train passenger and saving the day released


Footage of Shawn Daivari’s heroic moves on a train in Minnesota finally made it to television – and the internet – after the FOX affiliate in the area, KMSP, aired the footage on the local news yesterday.

The footage shows a man wearing a backpack having altercations with a couple of people and when things were heating up, Daivari stood up from his seat, removed his jacket and proceeded to take down the man in a rear naked choke hold.

When Daivari managed to take the big man down, he also locked him in a scissors hold, ensuring that there was no escape for the offender.

When the train reached the next stop, the former WWE and TNA Superstar along with another passenger threw the man off the train and on to the platform. The man tried to stand up but Daivari kicked him down and the other passenger threw his coat and baseball cap off too.

Several passengers hit the emergency button when the man was acting up however no police showed up and that’s when Daivari took matters in his own hands. Police eventually showed up, nine minutes later.

You can see the footage of all this below.