Gawker and Bubba attorneys respond to Hogan’s lawsuit – the site which released a one minute video of the Hogan sex tape along with a play-by-play write up of the whole video – responded to the lawsuit that Hogan filed against the company through their attorney.

“He’s having sex with another man’s wife in another man’s home. I’m not sure it’s reasonable to say he has an expectation of privacy under the circumstances,” Cameron Stracher, attorney for Gawker, told Reuters.

He plans to have the judge throw the lawsuit out and not give Hogan a single cent of the $100 million in damages he’s asking for.

Meanwhile, Stephen Diaco, attorney for Bubba “The Love Sponge,” said that Hulk knew about the tape despite his claim that he was unaware of it.

“Bubba is a victim; Heather is a victim. Bubba does not know who released this tape,” Diaco said.