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Dana White says Vince McMahon is in the loop as Brock wouldn’t piss Vince off!


During the UFC 226 post-show press conference, UFC President Dana White recounted how this whole Brock Lesnar deal came about.

“Lesnar hit me up a couple of days ago and says ‘Sorry I went dark on you but I had some stuff to take care of and I’m going to come to the fight this weekend,'” White said, to which he replied with an “Okay, see you on Saturday.”

White recounted how Lesnar was acting “like a lunatic” when he got to his seat at cage side and was fired up and ready to go. He said that Lesnar thought Stipe would win because Cormier looked heavy and put on a lot of weight for this fight but obviously that didn’t end up being the case.

When asked what’s the relationship between Cormier and Lesnar, White said that the two have the love of wrestling in common. “They talk a lot of sh!t about wrestling together. There is a thing with those two,” a smiling White said.

The UFC President said that the idea was for Brock to challenge whoever won the fight and at this moment there’s no specific timeframe on when the fight will happen and they will start thinking about the shows for later this year at the end of July.

When quizzed about Brock’s deal with WWE and where he stands with them, White said that Lesnar is “free and clear” to do this fight and noted that both Vince and Brock have a good relationship where Lesnar would not do anything to piss Vince off.

“He lets him know what’s going on, he’s in the loop,” White said, adding that he has no plans to text Vince to talk to him about the fight.

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