Case closed and all charges against the former Adam Rose dropped


The case against Raymond Leppan, the artist formerly known as WWE Superstar Adam Rose, has been closed and all charges have been dropped.

Leppan was arrested on May 11 in the very early hours of the morning and charged with tampering with a witness and battery domestic violence after his wife dialed 911 to report him. He spent a couple of days in jail until he was formally charged in front of a judge. By then his wife came to his support and pleaded with the judge to go easy on him and grant him bail. He eventually made bail and was ordered to attend counseling to control his anger.

On June 7, Judge John Conrad requested proof of satisfactory counseling and ordered him to continue his weekly meetings. The case was closed on June 10 with all charges dropped.

Leppan was indefinitely suspended by WWE when the incident happened and was still serving his 60 day suspension from his Wellness Policy second strike. The former Social Outcasts member then requested his release from WWE, a wish which was granted, and will now be wrestling under the name Aldo Rose.