Adam Rose appears in front of judge, wife begs for mercy


WWE Superstar Adam Rose appeared in front of a judge this morning in Florida wearing an orange jail jumpsuit and had an unlikely supporter pleading on his behalf – his wife.

TMZ.COM reports that the wife begged the judge to go easy on her husband despite the domestic violence charge. She said that the two have a special needs son and requires the attention of both of his parents.

His wife Cassandra said that he didn’t hurt her and there were no bruises on her and police even took photos “for no reason.”

The judge originally wanted to put a restraining order on him which would have meant Rose would not be allowed to be anywhere near his wife however he took under the consideration the statements from his wife and agreed to let him off on a $1,000 bond. The judge ordered him to not have violent contact with her again and told him he needs to attend counseling once a week until he’s due back in court in June where he then has to present evidence of his improvement.

As of this moment Rose is still in jail according to online records however he is expected out later today. You can see the video of his wife pleading with the judge and the judge issuing the sentence below.