Bobby Roode says it was time to leave TNA as product got stale


Speaking to the Peterborough Examiner newspaper, former TNA champion Bobby Roode said that his time in TNA was up and it was the right time to go.

The Peterborough native added that he has nothing negative to say about TNA as they had treated him very good over the past 12 years but it came to a point where he thought TNA wasn’t the right fit for him anymore as the brand “has been stale for the last little while and the growth wasn’t there as it was in the early years.”

Asked about maybe a jump to WWE, Roode said that he’s a free agent so he can do whatever and wherever, admitting that he received a few phone calls already but he’s not in a rush to do anything.

“This is my first 24 hours of freedom so I’m taking baby steps and enjoying some time at home,” he said. “The one thing I want to do is to find that passion again to wrestle. I kind of burnt out a little bit. Hopefully that will come back and you’ll see me somewhere else real soon.”

His time in TNA came to an end last week although he will still appear on the next couple of Impact Wrestling shows as TNA taped several episodes in advance.