Why Is SMS activation service with integrated ads a bad idea?

Two-factor authentication (2FA), verification grids, and regional lockouts have not always been there for you. So, people had a few chances of protecting themselves from potential scams and fraud.

Once two-factor authentication has become a thing, you got an opportunity to survive hackers’ attacks. Now, it’s hard to do something without having an authentication code. As you can guess, sitting and staring forlornly at your login ad password will take them nowhere.

Due to the popularization of 2FA, the efficiency of SMS activation service also increased. Such online resources as SMS-man manage to support online users in their intention to protect personal data.

What Stands behind SMS Activation?

SMS codes can be sent to your mobile device, via your carrier such as SMS-man. The code is redirected to the website after you enter a login and password. Once you enter all the required details, you will jump into your personal cabinet. Codes usually expire within a short period of time to minimize the number of valuable codes left lying around.

What Is the Problem with SMS?

What if you have your account password stolen? You don’t have to worry about it with 2FA. You’re still safe. Hackers can’t get into your personal cabinet without the SMS code. The hacker’s intention to contact your network provider will most likely end up with a total fail. However, the smartest attackers may figure something out to achieve the desired success. This is why it’s highly recommended for users to buy virtual phone numbers for SMS activation.

Doubt about Security Measures

When it comes to codes, they are supposed to make your security stronger. The aim of the deal is to minimize potential attacks. This is why the use of ads can’t be allowed by any chance. Ads integrated into security code texts can contain some harmful data. Depending on ad tech used, it’s totally possible to make the ads “relevant” or focused on the actual content of the SMS.

At this point, the topic of customers’ consent can’t be ignored. Who is your ad network focused on? What’s happening to your data/messages? What kind of information does your ad contain? These things may seem suspicious to average users. They know that ads often lead to rogue pages or phishing sites. If you don’t want to ruin your reputation, make sure that you use SMS codes as an added layer of security properly.

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