The investment game: how mobile gaming takes over the world and why you need to be a part of it now

The gaming industry has grown by 20% over the past year, and more than half of the market falls on mobile games. Associate this phenomenon mainly with the availability of smartphones. If you want to keep up to date with all the latest news, gaming tournaments, and esports in general, then be sure to visit player-space.com. This is a very informative portal for professional gamers and simple amateurs to play a couple of hours a day.

When you study the game industry, it seems that everything is simple, it earns more and more and grows. And not at the level of simple toys, but whole metaverses, which everyone started talking about after Zuckerberg’s statement about his intentions to build such a universe.

Why are people willing to pay for this?

– 19% of the time people use a smartphone spend in mobile games. For comparison, in social networks – 22%, instant messengers lag behind and take 16% of the time. It turns out that people play more time than they communicate online. Yes, smartphone and internet penetration play a key role, but there are also a few other interesting reasons.

People have always loved entertainment. They capture our attention and at the neuropsychological level evoke emotions. Struggle and excitement increases the release of adrenaline, victory causes an increase in the level of dopamine and endorphins. On the way to school, to work or in line to the doctor, everyone can find themselves in the world of their heroes and feel the taste of victory.

The second reason, we are used to playing since childhood. The opportunity to feel like a child, to explore worlds – this is all that can not be abandoned at the snap of your fingers. In our childhood, there was a snake and Duke Nukem 3D with very poor graphics, but at the same time it still seemed like a miracle to us. Now we can play incredibly bright games with realistic graphics and explore the worlds in very high quality with full immersion in it.

– Why are people willing to pay for this? As experts in the gaming industry, you’ve probably studied behavioral nuances.

– Basically, residents of countries with the highest GDP (USA, Japan, Canada, etc.) spend money on mobile games. The more income, the more people spend on all kinds of entertainment: tourism, books, TV shows, games.

Since most games are free, monetization can happen in different ways, ranging from a subscription to access to the game without ads. The player can buy something inside to develop his character faster. At the same time, as in any products, there is low-quality garbage, and there are works of art. Producers sometimes put incredible effort into colorful scenes and characters.

That is why the mobile market grows even more strongly in crises. This makes it as attractive as possible.


Games have long been more than just shooting games. Of course, I could not ignore the issue of the influence of games. Society, especially parents, has a fear that games are evil and you don’t need to buy them. Here it is logical to assume that the market should not grow from such experiences. However, the numbers say otherwise.

Moreover, the facts turn everything upside down. Gamification to increase sales and education, e-sports, in which children win millions of dollars… I think it is necessary to make friends with the gaming market, at least in order to understand the realities in which we live, as much as possible, in order to make money on it.

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