Accidents in professional wrestling

Despite the fact that professional wrestling is an entertaining sports show, it can be dangerous and even deadly. Athletes might get serious injuries and traumas. There are always several paramedics near the fight-stage, but sometimes they are not able to help.

You can often hear that such wrestlers are just adults who play the children’s game. However, professional wrestling requires incredible dedication and skills. People like different things — some are gamblers who pick the best casinos such as NativeCasinos.ca to try their luck while others are entertained by watching professional wrestling.  However, the latter has hidden dangers. Let’s see 3 popular wrestlers who died on the ring, namely:

  • Perro Aguayo;
  • Jesús Silva known as Oro;
  • Owen Hart.

Perro Aguayo

Perro was a Mexican professional wrestler that was accidentally killed by Rey Mysterio during the tag team match in 2015. Mysterio did his signature 619, a tiger feint kick, which rendered Perro unconscious. Manik, who was Perro’s teammate, fell beside Perro and tried to communicate with him by shaking him. However, all attempts remained fruitless. The match continued with some people still trying to help Perro regain consciousness. After the match ended, the paramedics arrived and took Perro to the hospital. The 35-year old wrestler was has pronounced around on March 21, 2015, due to the broken cervical vertebrae.


Oro was also a Mexican professional wrestler whose career was cut short due to his impulsive decison. Before the 3×3 match, Oro asked his teammate to do an impressive trick called Kobashi bump to impress the viewers. It entailed him being spinned and thrown on his head. Everything went according to the plot — Oro landed on the head, then rolled down from the ring to the floor and stayed there for about 5 minutes while the fight went on. Other wrestlers and spectators thought that he was just playing his role — however, Oro died before he was placed in an ambulance, with the brain aneurysm acknowledged as the official cause of death. After his death, Oro’s brother continued to engage in wrestling, in Oro’s mask, the family claimed for wrongful deaths with the Wrongful death attorney in Miami since they said the people in charged should noticed that there was something wrong from the beginning.

Owen Hart

Owen James Hart was a Canadian–American professional wrestler who died in 1999, in the age of 34, and it didn’t happen because of any bumps or tremors. According to the plot of the match, he had to make a dramatic entrance, being lowered to the ring through the cable. At the start of the show, during the lowering, Hart fell from a height of 24 meters, landing on the top rope. There was a deadly silence when it happened, but as the recording of the battle was going on with a delay, the operators managed to cut the video off, so everything was seen only by the spectators sitting in the arena.

Even in such a seemingly entertaining sport, there is a risk of a deadly injury. Still, fatalities are rare because usually, everything is rehearsed to the last movement. Professional wrestling remains one of the most interesting kinds of sport.

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