Cody sports shirt resembling original Great American Bash logo during Fyter Fest


TNT champion Cody had a dig at WWE during Fyter Fest, sporting a shirt which is an exact replica of the original Great American Bash logo.

The Great American Bash is an event created by his father Dusty Rhodes and has been a property of WWE ever since the company purchased WCW back in 2001. While Cody has been trying to get his hands on some old WCW trademarks, the particular trademark of this event remains part of WWE’s ever-growing list of intellectual property.

Cody replicated the original Great American Bash logo for his shirt yesterday but instead had The American Nightmare Cody written on it. WWE has not used the original logo and WCW used it up until 1998.

Last week Cody commented on WWE using the name again and said that while the event means a lot to his sister and himself but he’s not holding “much of a grudge on it.”