Adam Page is the glue that could hold together a hot AEW Summer

Spinning right out of Forbidden Door it’s the Owen and Blood & Guts.  Leading right into All In.  And the glue binding it together is Hangman Adam Page.  Who could play his part in an episodic feud featuring the world champion as the focus of the show.  Right where Swerve should be.

If Page is the ‘Wild Card’ (best other guess being the loser of Swerve/Ospreay), renewing his maniacal pursuit of Swerve Strickland, it could lead to some damn good tv.  As AEW feature Page chasing Strickland across a tournament, a cage and an ocean.

Beginning with building constant tension as he goes through the tournament.  Taking a mic after win #1 to deranged-ly tell Strickland his #1 goal is still to stop him being champ.  Then bailing as Swerve hits ringside

Beginning the cat and mouse game.

And leading into the semis where Swerve is watching backstage from the start.  Into the final which Strickland takes in on comms, the feud deeply personal.  Page winning all of his matches as convincingly and cleanly as possible.  The stronger he is; the stronger Swerve comes out in the end.

Then onto Blood & Guts, Hangman having reunited with his Elite buddies to take down their joint target.  No, it’s not original.  But given we seem stuck with the angle, it at least gives the group…

  • A frontman who can talk and doesn’t do shtick-y comedy
  • A clearer direction – currently they’re just floating with some vague form of power and some vague form of threat – but now they have a goal: taking out Strickland and taking his title
  • Allowing them to move away from any silliness over who’s in control, they’re just a heel group looking to take out a babyface
  • And giving Hangman some goons to hide behind

And at the caged event*, Strickland comes out last, maximizing his confrontation with Page, who he finally gets his hands on as the avenging angel of the babyfaces.  Buuuuut, Page pins him.  Maybe his team’s already down a man through injury, maybe they’re all down (it’s only the Acclaimed); despite fighting valiantly, the numbers prove too much.  Can use weapons too, obviously the champ needs protecting.

Giving Hangman something to crow about as we now build to Wembley – he won ‘fair and square’ (he’s a heel dammit!) but Swerve still hasn’t beaten him cleanly.  And importantly, this is the last time they touch before the big show.  Page continuing to goad and run, playing the ‘lousy, stinking hyena’ Bret Hart once accused Steve Austin of being.  Strickland increasingly losing his cool.

But gaining wins over Page’s Elite buddies along the way to sate his anger and give him credibility: both Jacksons, maybe even Jack Perry if they’re feeling really brave.  The feud knitted all over tv – promos, recaps, matches involving both sides, Strickland constantly trying to get at the cowardly heel.

But he never quite can.  Until Wembley.  Where he retains his crown in a credibility boosting win over a heel with momentum who’s done nothing but win on his way here.  A former world champion who Strickland no longer has to beat with a chain or a distraction.  He finally gets his clean win.

Capping a big show which seems to be shaping up along the lines of:

  • Will Ospreay vs MJF
  • Bryan Danielson vs Nigel McGuinness (who probably costs Danielson his shot at the Owen)
  • Kazuchika Okada vs Kenny Omega (if he’s ready)

After that, I’m digging Page and Okada as a badass tag who truly rejuvenate the division.  TV main events, serious feuds, a nice oddball chemistry between the comedic (but now credible) Okada and serious Page…  They could even feud with Kenny and a partner.  Long as it’s not Chris Jericho.

But then I love tags.  And Tony Khan doesn’t appear to.  So this is likely one broken dream even Drew McIntyre can’t make come true.  But at least for once I didn’t spend an article complaining!  Enjoyed it too.  Hope you did.  Thanks for reading.

*Could also have whoever’s team wins picks the stip for the All In match, though I prefer my title matches plain and simple

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Paul Hemming
Paul Hemminghttps://h00kedon.weebly.com/
Paul Hemming got into AEW during the pandemic, lives in Liverpool, England, and is a huge Liverpool fan, Playstation player and history lover.

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