Ziggler teases that he’s more than just friends with Lana


During an interview with Chris Van Vliet of WSVN-TV to promote the Smackdown tapings yesterday, Dolph Ziggler teased that he and Lana are more just than friends now.

Van Vliet told Ziggler that he’s driving the Internet crazy with the Lana posts and asked if he’s “just the king of kayfabe,” the term used to portray what is on screen as “true” in real life.

Ziggler said that much like several other romantic engagements that happen in WWE, he went from not knowing Lana and just saying hello to working together and hanging out for the whole weekend in New York and now they’re “much more than that.”

When asked if it’s “bleeding over into real life,” the former World Heavyweight champion smiled and replied, “Sure it’s bleeding.”

Lana is actually the real-life girlfriend of Rusev and a few months ago the two bought an 11.5 acre house in Nashville worth $644,000.

You can see the interview below.