Zack Ryder tears his rotator cuff, might need surgery


WWE Superstar Zack Ryder noted on Twitter today that he was not going on the European tour with the rest of his fellow wrestlers and immediately several websites started reporting that he was about to get fired.

“I’ll let you know why in a few days when I have definite news,” Ryder said, adding fuel to the fire.

However a couple of hours later Ryder quickly shot down all the rumors about getting the pink slip from WWE.

“The Internet people love to twist words to make a story,” Ryder tweeted again. “Here’s the deal…I tore my rotator cuff…MMMAAAYYY need surgery…relax.”

Physical therapy after a rotator cuff surgery will take months so if indeed Ryder will be going under the knife to fix his problem it will mean he will be out till after WrestleMania.