WWE’s Great Balls of Fire PPV name comes at a price!


To use the Great Balls of Fire name for its upcoming pay-per-view, WWE paid a price, and probably a hefty one.

WWE Hall of Famer Jerry “The King” Lawler revealed on his podcast Dinner With The King that the company was contacted by the attorney of Jerry Lee Lewis regarding the use of the name since Lewis owns the trademark of Great Balls of Fire.

Lawler said that he and Jerry Lee Lewis use the same attorney and he got a phone call to ask who can he talk regarding the copyright issue. It turns out that WWE went ahead and used the name without first consulting the owner of the trademark.

Now WWE is not only using the name Great Balls of Fire but also came to an agreement to use the Jerry Lee Lewis song of the same name. The trailer for the PPV which was published on YouTube on June 4 already uses the song which is listed as the official theme song.