Current betting odds for tomorrow’s main event for the WWE Universal title


It should not come as a big surprise but current WWE Universal champion Brock Lesnar is the overwhelming favorite to win and retain his title tomorrow night against Samoa Joe at Great Balls of Fire on the WWE Network.

The early odds put Lesnar at 1/12 and his opponent at a distant 6/1. Just to give you an idea, betting $1 on Lesnar to win will get you $1.08 while betting the same on Joe will get you $7. Odds are most likely to change, although unlikely to shift big unless something happens over the next 24 hours.

Several websites are offering slightly different betting numbers, but the odds are pretty much the same and all favor Lesnar. Betting websites also offer different online games such as the Main Event Mega Moolah slot.

The plan for SummerSlam still revolves around Roman Reigns taking on Brock Lesnar but the feud between Samoa Joe and the champion has been well received and it would not be a surprise if Joe finds himself involved as well. The former NXT champion already got the upper hand on Lesnar a couple of times on Raw.