WWE working on an Owen Hart Blu-Ray/DVD set


The website WrestlingDVDNews.com is reporting that WWE is working on a DVD/Blu-Ray on the life and career of Owen Hart.

Ever since Owen passed away at the Over The Edge pay-per-view in 1999, the relationship between WWE and Martha Hart, Owen’s widow, has been worse than rock bottom and Martha even sued WWE over the release of the Hart family DVD released years ago due to unauthorized usage of Owen in the DVD. Martha blocked WWE from inducting Owen Hart in the Hall of Fame as well and many thought it would never happen unless the kids take over Owen’s estate.

However WrestlingDVDNews.com is saying that no only the project is going ahead but this time around there is the full backing and support of Martha and his family which might be the first step in inducting him in the Hall of Fame in the future as well.

The DVD/Blu-Ray will not only have a compilation of Owen Hart’s greatest matches of his wrestling career but also a sit-down documentary feature.