WWE taping two weeks worth of shows, including all of WrestleMania, next week


For the first time in its 36-year history, WrestleMania will be recorded and not airing live on April 4 and April 5 as WWE took the decision to tape the Performance Center matches next week according to PWInsider.com.

WWE recorded the March 27 and April 3 episodes of Smackdown last night and today they are taping content for NXT. Tomorrow there’s Raw tapings and then on Tuesday another set of Raw tapings for March 30.

On Wednesday and Thursday, all the content for the two-night WrestleMania will be pre-recorded and additional tapings will be done at the multiple locations that WWE has alluded to. Those locations have not been revealed yet.

With the U.S. government likely to make stricter rules in the days and weeks to come, WWE is not risking anything as they could be caught off guard and not allowed to do any sort of tapings if this coronavirus spread gets even worse. The decision was taken in the best interest of everyone involved, to get it over with as quickly as possible and since there will be no fans in the stands, it made no sense to go live anyway. Recording WrestleMania will also give WWE the chance to make even more finishing touches on the show in post-production, presenting the best possible product to fans.

WrestleMania tapings will be held in closed sets so that should help with the prevention of any leaks.

Come Saturday, April 4 and Sunday, April 5, those players involved in making the show will, for the first time ever in their career, be able to sit and enjoy watching the show from the comfort of their own home.

Wrestling-Online.com will not be publishing anything from the tapings whatsoever and there will be zero spoilers heading into the show.