WWE prepares amazing tribute to the late Connor Michalek


WWE has compiled an amazing tribute to eight year old Connor Michalek, who passed away a few weeks ago after a long battle with brain and spine cancer.

As you may recall, Connor was a big WWE and Daniel Bryan fan and met the current champion for the first time in 2012. After the Michalek family told WWE that Connor only had a few left to live, WWE invited the family for the RAW before WrestleMania and then to New Orleans for the WrestleMania week.

The video that WWE did showed how prior to RAW before Mania, Connor and Bryan came out to the ring with DB’s music as all the WWE Superstars surrounded the ring to support the little guy. Triple H went in the ring and told Connor to hit him and cover him, something that Connor didn’t want to do at first.

Eventually Connor hit Triple H with a punch and then grabbed his leg and covered him as referee Mike Chioda counted the three with WWE Superstars and Divas cheering from ringside.

Little Connor was also the first person that Daniel Bryan greeted when he came out of the ring after winning the WWE title at WrestleMania XXX with Bryan delivering a heartfelt message to the boy.

It’s an amazing tribute to a person who has certainly touched the lives of many inside WWE especially Stephanie McMahon.

You can watch the video below. To read the original story about Connor Michalek click here.