WWE honors Paul Bearer at Monday Night RAW


WWE paid tribute to Paul Bearer yesterday on Monday Night RAW but as always, things didn’t go as smooth as they were supposed to be.

The show opened with the fantastic video tribute that WWE put up online last Thursday, followed by the entrance of the Undertaker. Undertaker walked down to the ring as an urn was waiting in the middle of the ring. Taker paid his respects by kneeling down however the festivities were interrupted by CM Punk.

Punk dissed the Undertaker and told him he will be 20-1 after WrestleMania 29 as he will beat the streak.

Throughout the show they also aired several clips from Paul Bearer’s WWE career.

At the end of the show, Kane fought CM Punk, keeping the old storyline that Kane was Paul Bearer’s son and Undertaker’s brother. After Kane defeated Punk, Taker came out and kneeled at the top of the ramp while Kane did the same.

However CM Punk recovered from the chokeslam, got the urn, and hit Kane several times with it, running away with the urn before mocking the Undertaker.