Paul Bearer’s WWE Hall of Fame ring ends up on Pawn Stars


The Hall of Fame ring owned by the family of the late Paul Bearer was on History Channel’s Pawn Stars episode yesterday.

“WWE, the sort of… wrestling thing,” laughed Rick Harrison as he was presented by the ring for a potential sale. Harrison recounted how his kids used to think it’s the “greatest thing in the world” and then he would tell them that it’s fake, only to be answered with a, “Shut up, dad!”

The owner of the ring, Bryce, said that he became friends with the family of the late Paul Bearer and they gave it to him. He said he was there to get as much money as he can for him and the family it belongs to.

Bryce said he wanted $22,000 for the ring, a number which got an immediate no. “I sold Super Bowl rings for less,” Harrison said. The counter offer was $4,000 however Bryce said that he’s been offered more than that. Bryce added that when he heard the ridiculous offer he wanted to pull some WWE moves on Harrison.

Bearer was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2014 after he passed away. You can see the video from Pawn Stars below.