Roman Reigns pulled from non-televised live events


Roman Reigns is off the non-televised live events this coming weekend as well as next week as WWE continues to sell the storyline from this past Monday’s Raw where Triple H beat him up pretty bad, an attack which was enjoyed by WWE fans in the arena judging by their approval.

WWE.COM said that Reigns underwent nasal reconstruction surgery although the photo posted by Reigns following the surgery raised some doubts about the validity of the news since he had no black eyes and other effects that result from similar nose surgery.

A photo posted today by WWE on its social media accounts shows a Reigns selfie with puffy eyes and some blackness around the eyes which might suggest that Reigns did in fact undergo nose surgery but not thanks to the attack on Monday. Fake blood was used on the show to make things look more graphic and it might be that they used the angle to have Reigns fix a previous problem. Or it could be great make up!

Dr. Chris Amann told WWE.COM, “Roman underwent nasal reconstruction surgery, which consisted of a deviated septum that was fixed and realigned. He also had a turbinate that was also fixed as well as a reduction of a nasal fracture Reigns will continue to undergo observation as he recuperates but a timetable for his return to action has not yet been discussed.”

The number one contender is advertised for Raw on Monday.