WWE holding meeting with NXT UK talent tomorrow to discuss future of the brand


Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer is reporting that WWE will be holding a conference call with its NXT UK talent tomorrow, a mandatory meeting where the future of the brand will be discussed.

NXT UK has not produced a new show in months because of the coronavirus pandemic with the major players in production all residing in the United States and unable to travel. While there’s no hint as to what this meeting will lead to, there are three possible scenarios which could be coming.

Scenario one is to address the #SpeakingOut movement and the many allegations that have tainted professional wrestling, mainly in the United Kingdom. A few NXT UK Superstars were mentioned, two of which – Ligero and Travis Banks – were already fired.

Scenario two is the end of the brand. With massive cost-cutting measures due to coronavirus in place, it would not be a surprise if WWE gives up on NXT UK. With no shows, no income, and no new material to run on television, it’s a bit of an impossible task to keep the brand going.

Scenario three is restarting tapings in empty arenas. Businesses in the United Kingdom will be opening again this week which would allow WWE to find a small arena and start running TV shows from there. A problem remains though as a 14-day quarantine is still in force for those arriving from outside the United Kingdom.

WWE, through its NXT UK brand, is the largest wrestling promotion operating in the United Kingdom and out of all of them, one of the fewest who can survive this pandemic if they really want to save it.

The company is still selling NXT UK Takeover: Dublin tickets through Ticketmaster.ie. The event is scheduled for October 25 from the 3Arena.