WWE fans in San Jose go bananas during post-Mania Raw


Post-WrestleMania Raws are now famous for the rabid, crazy, and unpredictable crowds. With several International visitors, the show has a mix of local and overseas fans and when mixed together, well, it makes for a fun show, or a nightmare for production.

Brock Lesnar was the most over guy on the show and him F5ing Michael Cole was all he needed to turn face. The crowd noise in the arena for Lesnar was off the hook according to people who were there and Cole departed on a stretcher to “Thank You Lesnar” chants.

John Cena and New Day got the “sucks” treatment with fans signing along to Cena’s theme and singing sucks at the end and chanting “New Day…Sucks” in rhythm. Roman Reigns, as expected, was not a loved man in the building and despite not winning the title, he was still booed to hell and back.

Kalisto and Neville, along with Damien Mizdow, Paige, and Ryback’s Shellshock on the Big Show also got huge pops from the crowd.

Other chants from the crowd included the hilarious “You look stupid” to Sheamus, “Worse than Cena” to Reigns, the usual “Boring,” several NXT-related chants, “Same old shit,” “Please retire,” and a few x-rated chants during the Divas tag match which WWE production obviously wasn’t thrilled of.

Towards the end of the show, the fans decided to do a Mexican wave and while WWE cameras tried to avoid it it became impossible to as the whole building was standing up. Eventually WWE lit up the crowd so the cameras get a better picture and the action stopped in the ring with Rollins acknowledging what was going in.

The Mexican wave was topped with the customary “We are awesome” chant from the crowd.