Sting doesn’t know what the future holds for him


In a boost to keep viewers checking out the WWE Network, WWE decided to have Sting in a segment after the show that only played on the Network rather than on Monday Night Raw.

Renee Young hosted the short interview in the middle of the ring which started with fans chanting “Thank You Sting.” The Icon said that it was an amazing feeling to wrestle WrestleMania and thanked the fans for their support. He came up short, but still happy he did it.

When asked what’s in Sting’s future, the fans immediately started chanting for The Undertaker. Sting said he doesn’t know what the future holds for him but if WWE throws an opportunity he will take it and if they don’t, well, it will be a shame.

The inspirational Bo Dallas then interrupted and addressed “Steve” and said that Sting painted his face once when he was a kid. He told him that he lost his legacy when he lost at WrestleMania but all he has to do is…Bo-lieve!

At that point, Sting had enough and Bo Dallas was the recipient of the Scorpion Death Drop.