WWE Diva Cameron pleads not guilty to DUI charge


TMZ.COM is reporting that WWE Diva Cameron pleaded not guilty to the DUI charge today brought against her after she was busted earlier last month.

When she was arrested, the male passenger also in her car told the cops that they were drinking Martinis before driving off and the police report says that Cameron – real name Ariane Andrew – blew a .20, which is more than twice the legal limit in the state of Florida.

TMZ also says that the official police report indicated that she offered the cops $10,000 to let her go. Ooops!

Cameron listed Wells Fargo as her employer instead of WWE and WWE officials didn’t find out about her arrest until it was revealed on the Internet. She was already on tour overseas but was pulled out, sent home, and suspended for her trouble

She returned a couple of weeks ago to WWE television and a pre-trial hearing is set for October 23.