WWE denies that Brock Lesnar has health problems


WWE issued a statement to the Washington Post denying any rumors that Brock Lesnar is suffering from some sort of health issues after some websites were reporting that Lesnar might be dealing with a heart condition.

The rumors intensified when WhatCulture.com posted a story saying that it’s not normal for Lesnar to turn red and purple after barely moving in the ring. Lesnar was sweating as bad as he did at SummerSlam and some even said that he appeared to be struggling for breath.

When asked by the Washington Post about a possible issue with the health of the WWE champion, the company said that “there is no truth to the rumors about issues with Brock Lesnar’s health,” and left it at that.

Brock Lesnar was not booked for Monday’s Raw, a decision which had already been taken a few weeks before Night of Champions.