WWE Attitude Era tag team The Headbangers to wrestle on Smackdown


An Attitude Era tag team is making their WWE return next Tuesday on Smackdown, possibly to be part of the Smackdown Tag Team title tournament and facing the new tag team of Heath Slater and Rhyno.

Chaz Warrington and Glenn Ruth, better known to fans as Mosh and Thrasher of the Headbangers, announced on their respective social media accounts that they will be in Dallas for the live Smackdown.

Warrington, who plays Mosh, said that ever since his son was old enough to realize that he wrestled, he had a dream and wish to lace up the boots and wrestle in a WWE ring one more time so he could see it. “The dream/wish will come true this Tuesday night in Dallas, TX!!! I will be on WWE’s Smackdown Live show on the USA Network,” he wrote in a message on Facebook which was later deleted.

Ruth, who is Thrasher, answered several questions from fans on Twitter and said WWE is their home and WWE simply asked them to come back when he was questioned how the return came about. Ruth said that for now, it’s just for this Tuesday and nothing else.

The Headbangers made their WWE debut in November 1996 and remained a tag team until July 2000. The duo won the WWF Tag Team titles once during their WWE career while Thrasher also won the Hardcore title.