Finn Balor might be out longer as surgery was more complicated than anticipated


The injury that sidelined Finn Balor is much worse than originally thought and recovery might take longer to complete.

“Turned out that surgery was a lot more complicated than it was anticipated,” Balor told WWE.COM in a video interview at the Andrews Sports Medicine and Orthopaedic Center. He recounted that it was the longest day of his life and can’t even imagine how slow the upcoming six months will pass as he doesn’t know how he’s going to cope with being out of the ring for that long.

Dr. Jeffrey Dugas, who operated on Balor, explained that if you look at a clock face, the labrum tear started at around 1 o’clock and went all the way down to just past 6 o’clock, so it went almost 180 degrees. He also said that Balor tore part of his bicep and pec muscle.

The long road to recovery already started the day after surgery, with the folks at Andrews Sports Medicine and Orthopaedic Center working immediately to get mobility back in his shoulder, a painful process which is step one in continuing the rehab process.