WWE announces it has 1.3 million WWE Network subscribers


Today, WWE announced that it has a total of 1,315,000 subscribers on the WWE Network. The company hit the one million mark in January after the Network went live in the United Kingdom and thanks to the interest in the Royal Rumble.

The Network started with 495,000 subscribers, then increased to 667,000, 700,000, 731,000, 816,000, and 1,001,000, before reaching the 1.3 million mark. It’s estimated for Q1 2015 they will have an average 918,000 paid subscribers.

For WrestleMania XXX, WWE had 667,000 on April 7, 2014, and the 1.3 million number for WrestleMania 31 represents a 97% increase.

George Barrios, WWE’s Chief Financial & Strategy Officer said that out of the around 200,000 free subscriptions in February, 77% of them converted to a paid subscription.

The company also announced that April will be free for new WWE Network subscribers and that will include the Extreme rules pay-per-view.