WWE and Martha Hart settle lawsuit out of court


WWE and Martha Hart have finally ended their legal war out of court with an agreement reached to settle the lawsuit that Martha brought forward against WWE. Terms of the settlement were not announced. The settlement was announced yesterday by Martha Hart, WWE Chairman and CEO Vince McMahon and his wife and former CEO Linda McMahon according to the Associated Press.

The lawsuit was regarding WWE’s use of Owen Hart’s likeness and image in the Hart Family DVD that was released years ago.

In April 2012, a federal dismissed part of the lawsuit which involved both McMahons. Hart filed the lawsuit against WWE and the McMahon family when Linda was running for her first Senate seat in 2010.

The judge however allowed part of the lawsuit to stick as Martha was still after WWE for unpaid royalties from the DVD. The majority of the lawsuit had been dropped and even most claims against the company were dismissed, leaving only the unpaid royalties part.

WWE attorney Jerry McDevitt described the lawsuit at the time as a political stunt in an attempt to sabotage Linda McMahon’s now failed Senate run.