WWE 2K15 gamer banned, then reinstated, for uploading Benoit’s face on community creations forum


A WWE 2K15 gamer was banned – and then reinstated – after he uploaded a Chris Benoit face to the 2K community creations forum.

When the user asked Marcus Stephenson, in charge of WWE games at 2K, why he was banned, Stephenson replied, “You were banned because you uploaded a Chris Benoit face to community creations.” When pressed further, Stephenson said that they’re a WWE product and that the policy has been “pretty clear” on him even though he didn’t specifically answer when asked where is it written in the rules and policies.

“He was an actual wrestler. He existed. I know he is controversial but we shouldn’t get someone banned,” the user Cory Bundick wrote back.

Eventually the issue was resolved with Stephenson helping get Bundick back on board. “Moral of the story is don’t upload Benoit,” he then wrote.