WrestleMania 32 tickets go on sale to general public


WrestleMania 32 tickets went on sale to the general public this morning on Ticketmaster.com and the website was hit pretty hard with lots of users on the popular Reddit SquaredCircle community complaining.

The pre-sale for next year’s WrestleMania was said to be more popular than any recent WrestleMania with the idea behind breaking the WrestleMania III record and possibly the 100,000 number a pretty cool incentive for fans to be a part of.

The stadium will be packed with seats and just like this year’s show there will be even seats behind the stage and every possible section is being used. Ticket prices advertised on Ticketmaster.com are $2,360, $1,180, $1,003, $472, $354, $295, $236, $207, $148, $118, $89, $59, and $42.

As of this writing, looking for 1 single ticket on a desktop gives you the error of “Sorry, no tickets from venue currently…Tons of fans are shopping and some may have let their tickets go. You can try again or change quantity or ticket type.” On the Ticketmaster phone app, ticket options are popping up every now and then.