Who will take over Hulk Hogan on the Tough Enough judges table?


The big question now following Hogan’s dismissal from Tough Enough is who is going to replace the Hall of Famer on the judging panel along with Daniel Bryan and Paige.

The decision ultimately comes down to WWE Chairman and CEO Vince McMahon along with Kevin Dunn, the Executive Vice President of Television Production. USA Network will also certainly have a say in who will replace Hogan considering they are funding the bulk of the production.

Two names who have already been rumored are Ric Flair and Bret Hart. The unconfirmed rumor today is that Bret has flown to meet McMahon to discuss the potential job. It would be ironic if Hart does get the job as WWE also turned over to Bret when Hogan left the company back in 1993.

Mick Foley’s son put his dad’s name forward too, saying that his dad cares about WWE more than anyone and wants to care about Tough Enough. Foley said he will stop watching Tough Enough after the elimination of Patrick last week.

“I doubt @WWE will offer me #ToughEnough. But, if asked, I would insist that the trainers be more involved in decisions,” Mick Foley wrote.