Kamala defends Hulk Hogan


James Harris, better known to wrestling fans as Kamala, is the latest former wrestler to defend Hulk Hogan over the racist rants which were recorded several years ago.

Harris feuded with Hogan both in the then WWF and over at WCW.

“That’s not the Hogan I know. Hogan always treated me like a gentleman,” he told The Bleacher Report. “He genuinely cared about me. He was my friend. He’d tell me, ‘Brother, I’m getting my money. I hope you’re getting yours, because you’re putting asses in the seats.’”

Calling Hulk a “sweetheart of a guy,” Harris said that Hogan probably didn’t mean the words he said and that he’s not mad at him.

“Deep down, he’s really not like that. He’s a super-nice guy. I don’t believe he’s a racist at all, no matter what he said,” Harris added. Asked what he’d do if he met Hogan now, Harris said that he’d shake his hand and hug him like they always did in the past.

“Then I might say, ‘Hey man, what happened?’ But it’d be with a smiling face.”