Wearing a mask is now mandatory inside the WWE Performance Center including TV tapings


With coronavirus cases spreading like wildfire, especially in Florida, WWE has made it mandatory for those at the Performance Center to wear a mask during television tapings.

Those who will not wear a mask are those who will be performing in front of a camera, but once they are backstage they have to be wearing a mask. The same goes for all those in the crowd and any friends or family who will be joining, with all of them required to wear one as well.

The company is also introducing fines for those who do not wear a mask, with PWInsider.com reporting that there’s a $500 fine for their first violation and $1,000 for every other offense.

After an outbreak, WWE has started doing swab tests on all their Superstars and crowd a day before each show, allowing enough time for results to come back before taping the next day.