Wall Street reacts positively so far to WWE’s Q2 2019 results


Wall Street reacted somewhat positively – at least so far – to today’s WWE earnings results after profit that beat expectations but revenue that missed targets.

WWE stocks finished the day trading at $74.97, an increase of 9% over yesterday’s closing. Despite all this, WWE stock is down 20% over a three month period.

Overall revenue fell 4.5% with media revenue falling 3% and live events revenue down 7%. Live event attendance was down 2% and consumer products also down a whopping 13%. Despite all the negatives, WWE is still targeting a revenue of approximately $1 billion for the year 2019 which would be a record. A more in-depth look of their trading potential can be read on https://www.forex.academy. Many people are tuning in to learn how to trade these options properly.

Television ratings were not pretty either with Raw going down 14% and Smackdown 11% year-over-year.