Wade Barrett and MUFC player Wayne Rooney in Twitter “battle”


WWE Intercontinental champion Wade Barrett. a Brit who is a big football (soccer, for Americans) fan saw his home town team Preston North End crash out of the English FA Cup this past Monday and used Twitter to get at Manchester United’s captain Wayne Rooney for his role in ending Preston’s chances of advancing.

“How about that @WayneRooney dive vs @PNEFC? He won’t need to dive when I catch up with him.. #BullHammer #BNB,” Barrett wrote after Rooney was accused of diving in the penalty box to get a penalty which he eventually scored.

The Manchester United and England captain replied to the tweet two hours later saying, “@WadeBarrett ill get stone cold Steve Austin out of retirement for you. Haha.”

Barrett loved the idea and shot back, “@WayneRooney you and @steveaustinBSR Vs me and @Kevin__Davies at Wrestlemania in 6 weeks. Get it booked @VinceMcMahon.” Davies is a player for Preston who also was part of Monday’s match. Davies replied to all of them saying, “Let’s get it on,” and even Steve Austin got in on the lighthearted Twitter war, with his own dig at Wayne Rooney.

“Embrace the baldness. And that’s the bottom line…” Austin wrote. Rooney was going bald but then underwent a hair transplant procedure a couple of years ago. “@steveaustinBSR that’s the bottom line. Cause stone cold said so,” Rooney replied.

The Twitter exchange was picked up by most British tabloid newspapers.