Vote for WWE’s Charly Caruso in the Ms. Health and Fitness competition

WWE’s Charly Caruso is participating in the Ms. Health and Fitness competition on the Muscle & Fitness Hers website.

Read on to make sure you’re well-informed about the way scientists view these common (yet misinformed) Training Science. One of the most common reasons athletes go through the motions during (or worse, skip) strength workouts is that they believe their time is better spent playing their sport. Why waste time getting bulky in a stuffy gym when you could be focusing on sport-specific drills?

The 31-year-old, who also works for ESPN, has been employed by WWE since 2016, starting in NXT and eventually working her way up where she now hosts the Kickoff shows and does backstage interviews on the main shows.

Caruso is currently first in her group and voting for the top 30 ends on July 3 at 11PM ET. You can help Charly by voting free at https://mshealthandfitness.com/2019/charly-arnolt.

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