Vince McMahon takes the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge in full suit


“Anything he can do, I can definitely do better!” And those were the words of Vince McMahon directed at his son-in-law Triple H after accepting his ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

Decked in a full suit, McMahon made the most entertaining video of the bunch so far, first urging the WWE Universe to donate money just like he did and then nominating three other individuals to take the challenge.

The three were Donald Trump, because Vince said it would be funny to see all that hair wet, Maria Menounos, because it would make a nice visual, and Kermit the Frog!

“I hope there’s not much shrinkage,” McMahon said, standing in the middle of the gym at WWE Headquarters. Then he got the bucket of cold water and dumped it all on himself!

You can watch the video below.