Vince McMahon sells over $22 million worth of WWE stocks


WWE Chairman and CEO Vince McMahon sold a total of 306,000 WWE shares on November 30, netting him over $22 million. The transactions were documented with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission yesterday evening.

A total of five transactions took place: 4,397 shares were sold at $75.26 each for a total of $330,918; 77,448 shares sold at $75.49 each for a total of $5,846,549; 65,279 shares sold at $75.22 each for a total of $4,910,286; 4,057 shares sold at $74.83 each for a total of $303,585; and 154,819 shares sold at $74.12 for a total of $11,475,184.

McMahon walked out with a whopping $22,866,522, presumably money to fund his new XFL venture and the Alpha Entertainment LLC parent company. But despite everything, McMahon still owns a total of 31,887,375 WWE shares which at today’s value are worth over $2.3 billion.

Back in December of last year, McMahon sold 3,340,000 WWE shares for a $100 million payout. If he sold that much with today’s value, he would have been able to get nearly $250 million instead.