Video of Hardys’ return at WrestleMania crack YouTube’s trending chart


The Hardys’ return to WWE went over pretty well and the video by WWE on YouTube showing their arrival at WrestleMania 33 has nearly 9 million views as of today.

The video was so popular that it topped YouTube’s trending chart and it is still part of the chart as fans keep replaying the segment.

On Raw Talk, Matt Hardy said that the two were locked up in a bus inside the Camping World Stadium on Sunday and only a handful of people knew that they were there. When it was showtime, both were ushered out of the bus and quickly ran up the stairs and out through Gorilla position for one of the highlights of WrestleMania.

On Twitter Matt has been hinting that there will be no “broken” gimmicks on WWE television for now, mainly due to the legal battle he has with Anthem Sports & Entertainment and Impact Wrestling over the ownership of the gimmick.